Friday, November 19, 2010

Explore Science Day

I was chatting with a friend today and she mentioned she wanted to get together a fun science club. I have been doing the Explore Science Day today for about a year and a half so I mentioned this and thought I could share the ideas we have put on the table, as well as the links to help her out a little maybe. No since reinventing the wheel when I have done a little searching for ideas myself. I thought I would post it on my blog as well in case anyone else was interested in some fun science ideas, things you can just put on the table and let everyone play. So here it is:

1. Kitchen Chemistry, got the idea from this site

2. We made slime (have done this several times and it is always a hit)

3. Baggie ice cream, we made the ice cream and I provided all the fixin's for banana splits if they wanted that:

4. Blood typing, got that kit from Carolina Biological they have many different kits. During this day I also got out my microscope and stereoscope and we looked at our blood, saliva and a whole host of other things the kids found to look at.

5. Electricity, I bought a kit from Carolina Biological and printed off about 5 different experiments from different sites and let the kids go at it.

6. Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, from this book: The kids LOVED this, I copied 5 simple *weapons* and had all the stuff spread out on my table and the kids went at it.

7. Elephant Toothpaste:

8. M&M survival challenge:

9. We did an egg drop challenge. I put out different things like pantyhose, toilet paper, paper towels, tape, balloons, straws, cotton, fabric, rubber bands, Styrofoam cups, etc. And 2 dozen eggs, the challenge was to create something to *hold* a raw egg, then we dropped them from my deck, which is high off the ground, but any high place, and checked to see what contraptions protected the eggs.

10. We did the tower of pasta challenge on this page sort of, we used more items, less restrictions and for fun, then we tested to see which tower could hold a small Tupperware dish and how many pennies it could hold. But there are a lot more ideas on this page as well

11. We did water testing, with tap water and creek water, got the small kits from Carolina Biological. Everyone brought samples from their home, yard and they tested their own water.

12. Animal track casting. I have a creek at the house here, plenty of tracks. What I did was put some dry plaster of paris mix in small baggies and we took the baggies and some bottles of water to the creek and looked for tracks. When we found one, we just added a little water to the baggie and zipped the baggie back up and squished it and mixed the plaster. Then pour the plaster from the baggie into the track until you fill up the track. Went to play for an hour, then went back and lifted out the tracks and looked them up to see what they were from.

13. One we are doing in December if Fire starting. My dh and a friend's dh are actually doing the work, LOL, different ways to start a fire, making a bow drill, using a flint etc. Should be fun.

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