Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stop and Breathe

We are getting ready for a homeschool camping mini-vacation. It is so nice to get away with people who "get it". But the preparation has me busy, busy. I keep telling myself that next time I will be organized earlier, so that I won't feel that rushing feeling. But this is the one thing I haven't been able to accomplish. There are just so many last minute things that can't be done ahead. So I have been rushing around this morning.

But a couple of things have made me pause and just take a breath and come back to the moment, relax for a minute. And that is all I need sometimes, just the smallest of breaks to be grateful in the moment, and be joyful.

Yesterday a friend made me the cutest dishcloth. I love it, it isn't the usual ones I make this one makes you smile. It was spontaneous, and wonderful and I found it in my bag a few minutes ago, and just thought of her, and smiled. Going to use it right now.

Another friend posted a Jimmy Buffett song, A Pirate Looks at Forty, and mentioned living so far away from the ocean. Which in reality we do not, but when you grow up ON the ocean it seems like thousands of miles. I listened to that song, my second favorite Jimmy Buffett, and then listened to my favorite Jimmy Buffett song...One Particular Harbor.

For just a moment I could relax, breathe in the salt air, feel the sand at my feet, and hear the ocean crashing against the shore. So relaxing and rejuvenating. Gotta love it.

So thanks to both dear friends for being there, even though you didn't know it, when I needed a pick me up, a break from the rush. You are loved!!

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Anonymous said...

Such great advise! We all need to remember to relax and take a breath at times. The Jimmy Buffet song/video was great. I love Jimmy Buffet too. Hope you enjoy your camping trip! So gald I read your blog. I needed a break too! LOL