Sunday, October 10, 2010

Public School Agenda

I was reading back in August, on the Governor's blog, the NC governor that is. There is a blog for the state of NC, they call it an "e town hall" but really there is no input from the general public. I keep up to date on this stuff to stay informed about homeschooling and public schooling in NC, just one of many sites I visit.

Anyway I am getting off my topic. Back in August I read about the North Carolina Education Cabinet and what was written said in part:
"Last year, Gov. Perdue reinvigorated the North Carolina education cabinet by naming former State Board Chair Howard Lee as Executive Director and focusing its mission on creating a seamless Pre K-20 educational system that will produce college ready high school graduates and a 21st century work force for North Carolina which is further illustrated in the Governor's education agenda Career and College - Ready, Set, Go!" (bold is their emphasis not mine)

So many things hit me at once, it has taken me a couple of months to mull this over and over in my head trying to decide what exactly was hitting me wrong.

So many people criticize homeschooling, saying that it will not appropriately socialize a child, they have to know how to deal with the real world so send them to school. But do you see what I see. There is NO mention of socialization in the statement above. The complete focus is on preparing kids for work, either blue or white color, just work.

There is absolutely no mention of creating appropriate social opportunities, not a word about coping mechanisms, or problem solving skills. That is not on the public school radar, not an objective, just a 21st century work force. Which I have known is the goal of public education all the while, but I guess seeing it in print, in bold letters, just kind of slapped me in the face in that moment.

So why are we so shocked with all the bullying that goes on in public school, and when did the general public decide that was OK, and part of life as a child? Why are we shocked by the teen suicides, by guns in schools? Why does the drug and alcohol epidemic among the young, surprise us?

People have no problem criticizing homeschool families for something they know nothing about, but don't even think to criticize the public school system. The place where their child spends at least 8 hours a day, year after year. Am I the only one that sees the noticeable absence of things like "positive self esteem", "happiness", "appropriate problem solving skills", "effective communication techniques"from that mission statement.

These are things that homeschoolers care about. Not only do we care about our children's future, we care about their today, we care about positive self esteem, and happiness, problem solving and communication.


TheGowanGirls said...

Brilliant! Is there any way you would be willing to send this as a letter to the editor of the big news-rags in the state?

I would back you up! Just ran into someone who thinks that a person's success can only be measured by society's yardstick, and any personal satisfaction/acceptance of one's own success outside of society's rules and methods DOES NOT COUNT.

And this person isn't even native to our country, yet he buys into it hook, line, and sinker.


~liz said...

hello! i saw a post you had up at the homeschool lounge, and thought i'd check out your blog! :)
i loved this post - thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. it's something that i have thought a lot about but have never actually taken the time to express it to others - well, except to my husband who is my sounding board.
you are right on, here. the goal of the public school is create the future work force of the country...NOT to mold our children into well balanced, happy kids. thanks for sharing! :)