Monday, October 11, 2010

Message from the Universe

What a nice day outside today, sun is out but not too hot, skies are clear. In the mornings I have my "ritual"...take the puppies out, make my rice cereal and chai, have breakfast, take puppies out again, play with Ellis, meditate, play with the puppies, make my todo list for the day.

Well today was no different, I made my todo list and put it in my chair outside while I went to play with Ellis and the puppies, I mean who can resist the energy of Ellis combined with the cuteness and playful personalities of the puppies. I went to sit back down in my chair and meditate for a few minutes in the beautiful sunshine and I saw my todo list, with my pen, and a perfect fall leaf right on top. Like it had been placed there by the Universe. So I intend to follow through with that thought, I think I will see if the boys want to go down to the Greenway in Morganton and go for a nice walk today. Ahhh the messages we hear if we choose to listen.

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