Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fairy House

I was feeling very frustrated Sunday. We have a hill beside our driveway with a small retaining wall. Small wall but still a significant incline. We have lived in this house for almost 13 years now, wow when I type it out it seems like a very LONG time...LOL. And for almost 13 years we have been battling this hill. It is too steep to mow and really hard to even use the weed eater on it, just hard to keep your balance. The hill is also covered in vines, poison ivy, Virginia creeper and HONEY SUCKLE. I loved honey suckle until I moved here. Now it is everywhere and in everything and I think it grows feet a day, covering anything in its path.

I usually end up out on that hill at least three or four times a year to just pull up the vines, and it is such a job. They all have such huge root systems that sometimes as I am pulling and I swear I feel them pulling back, trying to suck me into the earth. There are some nice bushes on the hill, and some ground cover, but it all gets covered up by the vines, and the vines look terrible, not to mention the reaction my boys have to the poison ivy.

OK back to the story, I was out there on Sunday, trying to weed out the poison ivy and honey suckle, yet again, and I just had enough. So I backed away, I don't want to put such negative energy into anything. I backed away and decided to build a fairy house to add to another garden spot. There is a nice blank area that has just been waiting for ideas. Yes I had thought about adding another plant of some sort, a flowering bush maybe. But that just didn't seem right. I looked at our pile of left over stone and decided that the spot needed a house, a fairy house so all our little friends, that watch over and protect us know they are loved and welcome. I also thought of our friend Kailey's fairy house, hers is out of stone as well.

It turned out so nice, and I used some holly twigs for decoration, we had just pruned that tree a little. It just adds so much to that one spot and is perfect. I love it!!

While doing this very positive, energizing activity the answer to my frustration hit me.

Let's get rid of that hill. The perfect answer. We can move the few bushes that I want to save, move the blueberries and raspberries, they would do better in another spot anyway. The tree that is on the hill needs to come down as it is growing up into the power lines, which could be a problem this winter. Let's back up the retaining wall a few feet, make it as high as the hill. It will add more space to our driveway and we will have a couple more feet around the garden at the top, easy to mow up there. Problem solved and I can't wait!!

Just needed to relax, focus on something else, get my positive energy moving, and I knew the solution would come.

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Robin J. Duralia said...

I think building a fairy house is something Josiah would really love. Can't wait to show him yours!