Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slime in the Park

Last week we made slime in the park, it was a Science Day activity that my son was eager to put together, so he and I planned it for our local homeschool group. It was so wonderful. Watching the kids stir and mix and in the end make slime, then watching them manipulate the smile, and watch what it does and it oozes through the holes in the picnic tables, or absorbs the food coloring to form new colors with each added drop. Kids of all ages, making, playing, talking, having fun. It was awesome, it was an ALL day event, even though the actual making of the slime took maybe 15 minutes, it was a fun, relaxing time!! I love my friends of all ages and so enjoy their company.

Here is the recipe, adapted it from the recipe on this site.

1- 4 ounce bottle of school glue (I purchased on the back to school sale for $0.25 each)

Empty the glue into a cup and then refill the glue bottle with water and add that to the same cup. Stir well.

In another cup mix 1 cup water and 1 TBSP borax, mix until the borax is dissolved (or almost all dissolved we found it hard to get it ALL mixed), add a couple of drops of food coloring to this cup and stir.

Now add the contents of the borax/water cup to the glue cup and stir immediately. You will have a blob of slime in the water mixture.

I had everyone take the cup over to the grassy area and dump the mixture into their hands, letting the excess liquid just run off. It will be wet. Then start working the slime in your hands. As you work the slime, back and forth in your hands, it will become dryer and in a few minutes you will have SLIME.

You can find the explanation at the web site. It was so much fun, really easy, in expensive, and I recommend this for a fun time at the park!!

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Robin J. Duralia said...

Great day, thanks for organizing!