Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School has Started

Oh the start of the school year has hit me smack in the face this year, not the usual gradually figure out that public school is back in session. It started this week and first thing Monday morning, returning from a dentist appointment with my oldest son, we ran into the after school pick up line of cars, lined up for at least a mile down the street, and NOT MOVING. We sat there for a couple of minutes and decided, since we weren't moving anywhere, to back up just a tad and turn around, take the longer way home, longer but undoubtedly quicker.

I often think about those lines. Parents must wait at least an hour, minimum in that line...twice a day, drop off and pick up. So glad we are not in that line, at least not intentionally, and surely not for the rest of this year now that I am painfully aware that school is open for business. I often wonder about those lines, do parents use that time in the morning to get to know their children. Having a few friends with children in the public school system, I know there is not much time otherwise, the day is filled with school, then after school activities, then supper, homework and bed. So do parents use this valuable time to talk with their children, find out their hopes, dreams, concerns, likes, or dislikes. Is the time put to good use or do they sit there complaining about the line, how slow it is. Do they ever wonder about homeschooling, about doing away with the line altogether. Do the children wait in the line eager for school or dreading the day ahead, do they use the time to talk with their parents, share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

So many hours they spend in line at the school, 2 hours a day, 180 days a year. That is 360 hours, or 15 days a year spent in line for school. So GRATEFUL for the time at home, so GRATEFUL for the connection I have with my boys.


TheGowanGirls said...

I *completely forgot about school buses this year*.... we have had some close calls, but otherwise have been VERY lucky that I haven't been caught by any in our comings-and-goings.
We are super-busy starting around 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and if I got "stuck" behind a bus, it would really mess us up, LOL.

Last year, we were caught behind a wheel-chair accessible school bus, just when they were finishing up, thank goodness! We were on our way out that day, so I made a note of the time, and left 15 minutes earlier the next ime around. Missed that bus completely.

I cannot imagine having to wait in line for an hour to pick up my child. I think I would probably be that parent who just makes an agreement with her child that I will arrive 20-30 minutes after school lets out, and she should just wait in the library or something....

Lisa B said...

When my kids were in school I was always the first car in the pick up line... the minute they got out I was already there! In the mornings we were usually late so didn't often have to wait then either !! LOL Other times we would slip in the back and let them off near to the area their classrooms were in instead of them walking all the way through the school. Had a teacher tell me once I couldn't do that... I said watch me!