Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I scheduled a demo with a fencing instructor in Morganton, for this past week. It was a homeschool activity, and we were anticipating the instructor, Matt, to give a demo and answer questions. We were so pleasantly surprised when he took the demo in a whole different direction, and really ran it like a class. Dh, Jackson, and one of our sons, Dallen, really liked this. Our other son attended to watch, but was really not that interested in participating.

The instructor started by showing, all those that wanted to participate, how to stand, walk (not sure the fencing terminology), then suited them all up and gave them sabers and before I knew it they were challenging each other, it was just amazing. He was very helpful, and we had all ages participating together.

I really enjoy it when a member of the community gives of their time to let our homeschool families try something new. He didn't charge us, we were there for 2 hours, with no obligation to participate. I enjoyed watching, they really enjoyed participating. Not sure if this will be something my son wants to continue or not, but just the exposure is something he will not soon forget.

So if you live in or around Morganton, NC here is the info. I really want to give this instructor a plug because he was so nice and understanding. His studio is on Union Street, it is The Knights of Malta Fencing Academy. He charges $50 per month, which he explained for more experienced students is usually once a week. But he encourages his beginning students to attend as many classes as they can, so they advance quickly. Sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. Just show up if you are interested, and he provides all the equipment needed. If you stop by, even just to watch a session (which I highly will really enjoy it) please just mention that the information about his studio was shared by a homeschool mom.

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