Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

Grocery shopping, not my favorite task, but with the boys help in creating a menu for the week and having a list, it is at least tolerable, and perhaps almost enjoyable. Yesterday was no exception. The day flowed nicely, and I had only a few items on my list this week. Ahhh, will be out in no time.

So coming out of the store, large store but in a rural area, I see a gentleman staring at the back of my car. OK nothing exciting. People look at the back of my car all the time, I have a variety of bumper stickers that make a person think. Have never had a negative encounter, yes even living here in the south. This man does look like a *good ol' boy*. Could this be my first negative encounter. What exactly was catching his eye; "World Peace Begins at Home, Be Nicer to Your Kids" or "Schools Are For Fish" maybe "Loving Kindness is my Religion". Oh man not looking good for me. Could be "Grades are for Meat and Eggs" or "The Truly Educated Never Graduate".

OK this could go one of two ways. Either he is a *good ol' boy* who also goes against the grain, opposing government intervention in anything, all for individual freedoms, OR he is a *good ol' boy* who believes everything the government has to say and is opposed to individualism. Either way I do need to get to my car, why won't he read the bumper stickers and go away, I so do not want confrontation today. But then again I have never had a negative experience, even the most conservative homeschoolers find common ground in the bumper stickers, *a fellow homeschooler*.

So I just plug on, thinking only the best and with a smile, graciously say "hi there" to the gentleman. And he says "hi" back, and then quickly responds with "is this your car?" Why yes, yes it is. [OK so far so good...what was that question for....here it comes...] "Where did you get this *hauler*, I like how it folds up out of the way when you aren't using it."

OK so all that dialogue in my head for nothing, LOL....I mean I was laughing out loud. "I can't remember where I picked that up, it has been so long, but I can say that I LOVE my *hauler*. I use it all the time."

Quick conversation and we said our "have a nice day"s and were on our way. Just goes to show a person, expect the unexpected. I smiled all the way home....THIS made my DAY!!


Robin J. Duralia said...

Funny! I have a tendency to be on guard as well. I love your bumper stickers, and would love to sticker my truck up with expression myself!

alex trumpe said...

LOL. Sweet blog! :-) Come check out mine. If you like, please become a follower! I would really appreciate it with all of my heart!