Sunday, September 19, 2010


"We don't need an emergency or disaster to come together as people in community, this can be now."
I just loved that thought. The thought of building community. It is from the Daily Om today. And I think I have done just that. I have sought out people of like minds and formed community on a daily basis. People I know I can call any minute for help with anything. I did this yesterday.

I was headed out the door to mow, just a lovely day out. As I was walking toward the garage I could hear my chickens out by the barn squawking. And I could see two dogs chasing and catching my poor chicks. They are still only 4 months old, so not even laying eggs yet. They were in our pasture enjoying the grass, grubs and sun when out of nowhere these two neighbor dogs (I am assuming they belong to a neighbor) interrupted their peaceful day. I chased the dogs and one husky left with a chicken in his mouth. But this other dog, a basset hound, would not leave. He did drop the chicken he had killed when he saw me coming. I tried thrown rocks at the dog but he would NOT GO HOME. Every time I turned my back he would go after another chicken, when I approached him he would just cower down. So I took this basset by the collar (of course no tags) and put him in the tack room of our barn. But WHAT DO I DO NOW!! That was my question.

Animal Control was only in Monday through Friday and here it was Saturday. I couldn't let the dog out I needed to assess the damage, get all my living chicks back in the coop. So I called two friends. One to help me locate the other. The second operates a dog rescue. My thought was that if I had to hang onto the dog until Monday maybe I could get it into rescue but didn't know if a rescue would take a dog knowing it was a neighborhood dog. But they BOTH called me and gave me advice, and offered to come help.

~What a wonderful feeling to know that I can call a friend if I need help. That I have resources even though I am hundreds of miles from family, that I HAVE community, not just in a disaster but every day is a day for community. Community is family. You can build it, you can have it every day.~

The one friend advised me to call the Sheriff as Animal Control is part of law enforcement. So that is what we did, and the Sheriff called Animal Control and they came out and got the dog. The Animal Control officer was VERY nice, and I know in Burke County they work with a rescue so if the owner doesn't come forward the dog will have a chance at a good life.

But now I have other issues about protecting our chickens. hmmmmm.

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