Monday, September 20, 2010

The Choice to Homeschool

I recently was in a different situation. For us, being a homeschool family, we are surrounded with other homeschool families. But this time it was a bit different.

A mom was having a difficult time with her preschool age child, the youngest. Her older children are in public school. This young child has been coming home from preschool crying, and not wanting to go to school. The mother's heart is telling her something isn't right. She can feel that tug. Several friends responded with the "it will get better, she will stop crying".

Why is that OK. It is becoming more and more acceptable in our society to say, with our babies, that it isn't OK to let them cry it out. More and more we are encouraging parents to pick up their babies, that crying is a sign that there is an unmet need, that something isn't right. So why can't we extend that same thought to children (and adults but that isn't what I am talking about in this moment). Why would we encourage a mom to ignore her child, ignore her heart.

Of course I had to chime with with the homeschool thought, just to plant a seed.

I could have let it slide by with no comment, but it just struck me as odd.

We made our decision to homeschool pretty much in a vacuum. No real input from the outside. I don't know how people, with this much outside input, make that decision to go against the grain and pull their kids out of public school to homeschool. I commend you all that have done so. Who have followed your heart and gone against the wind, with all those people encouraging you to stick it out in the public school system. Telling you it will get better. What a hard place to be.

I ended by encouraging all parents to follow their hears and listen to their children. Why is that such a novel idea LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN! Don't let them cry it out, crying is a sign that something is not right!

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