Monday, August 2, 2010

I AM that Mom....

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last blog post. I have had that cocoon feeling and trying to honor that. Last week our dog, Ellis, decided to swallow a rock, had to have surgery and is now, finally feeling better and recovering at home. So I missed the impromptu blog carnival "I AM that Mom" but have been thinking about this over the past week, and now finally have a minute to sit down and type out a few of my thoughts. Thanks Caren for the push. I believe this is where you can find more "I AM that Mom" blog entries.

I Am that Mom...

~Who waits in line until midnight with two extremely excited boys, for the release of their next new video adventure.

~Who holds her thumb over the end of the garden hose for over an hour, until she has to pry her cramped fingers off, so the boys can have the best giant slip and slide ever for their birthday.

~Gets up in the middle of the night to make chocolate, chocolate chip, coconut cookies for her hungry guys.

~Who gently nudges a bug all the way out the door because her son can't bare the thought of killing an innocent bug.

~Who works night and day on costumes so her boys can be their favorite World of Warcraft character for Halloween.

~Who finds the biggest suit case we have, so that her oldest can bring all his Dungeons and Dragons books with him wherever he goes, as they bring him comfort and security.

~The vegetarian mom who will kill and butcher a well love, farm raised, family chicken so that her son, the omnivore, will have the best possible meat I can give him.

I Am That Mom....
~Who gives her sons space to cry alone when that is what they want, even though every motherly inch of her wants to wrap around her sons and protect them from everything.

~Who enjoys their multifaceted personalities, acknowledging that each is his own person, reveling in their individuality.

~ Who gives her sons the space to be exactly who they are, the freedom to grow into who they are to become, all the while being there for support and encouragement.

~Who is their soft place to fall.


Kimba said...

So lovely and thank you for sharing!

Frank said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Flo said...

Very sweet, Pam!

Ronnie said...

I'm so glad you joined in!

Tiffany S. H. said...

You have made me feel somewhat normal, which is great. I'm always the one doing things like that (seriously some of your comments are exactly us!), and I always feel like I'm The. Only. One. Phew! I'm not!