Monday, June 7, 2010

Love to Learn

Yes, Love to Learn, that's the title of the conference I help coordinate, The Love to Learn Homeschool Conference. It has been on my mind a lot today as I have been working on the schedule. Lots of interesting speakers. I have been putting this task off as it is hard to decide who goes when, who speaks at the same time, who has a long drive, who gets up early, etc. But I think I am just about finished and ready to post it.

The conference will be HUGE! The conference will be AWESOME, as usual. The only truly inclusive homeschool conference in North Carolina. It is amazing when I think about it. You know I totally believe in being upfront with the consumers. The more information about the product the better. So why try to sell an obviously religious conference as inclusive. We all know it isn't true, we know that when someone says inclusive and then presents only one side of things, it isn't inclusive. Is it really to deceive people? Or do those in charge really believe that inclusive means "you are allowed to attend"?

I can assure you that the Love to Learn Conference is focused on homeschooling, focused on the things we have in common. So visit the web site, schedule to be uploaded soon :-)

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