Friday, June 18, 2010


OK my birthday isn't today, my birthday was June 2. And it just so happens that this year, Mom's Night Out fell on my birthday. So I celebrated with so many of my favorite people. I picked the restaurant this month, Carrabbas. And I had some delicious minestrone soup. Took a few pics to commemorate the occasion. We just have so much fun at MNO, a time to get together as women, and chat, eat and laugh, laugh a lot. We usually close a restaurant down and then look for a coffee shop to finish out the evening. And this night was no exception, by the time we left the restaurant they were closing down and it was around 10:00. By the time we left the parking lot it was 11:00, too late for coffee as the only one that stays open is Barnes and Noble cafe, and even that shuts down at 11:00.

So after this MNO I drove home and celebrated the rest of my birthday with my wonderful husband and boys. Ahhhh, just a great birthday.

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