Friday, June 4, 2010

Art Day~Zentangles

I organize a monthly Art Day locally for our local homeschool group, I may have mentioned it before, it is a more free flowing Art Day, not an Art Class. We decide on a medium or technique and everyone brings the supplies they have, books, videos, etc, and we spread out and work at our own pace, with no deadline or end result at hand. Those that want to participate do, those that do not are free to play outside or inside or work on something else. Fun for everyone.

This month we created zentangles, and it was so much fun. One project we did was a zentangle round robin. Everyone that wanted to participate started their own zentangle of the size they wanted, then we passed the zentangles to the left and the next person would add their own contribution to the zentangle, keep passing to the left until you get your own zentangle back. It was really neat, working on all the zentangles, and we had probably 8 or 10 participants of all ages. The zentangles came out so wonderfully, and everyone was so thrilled with their results. Of course we then had time to work on our own zentangles, and even complete some for an ATC trade I was participating in with the Imagination Tribe yahoo group.

Pictured are just a few of the round robin cards.


gail said...

I love doing these! And the idea of the round robin thing. Thanks for sharing this :-)

Kimba said...

Very beautiful. You and your co-op have inspired us today. While my daughter uses Magic Sand and my son plays soccer across the street, I shall try my hand at Zentangles.

theraggededge said...

Thanks so much for linking to my page 'How to Zentangle'. The official Zentangle site (not mine) is

Love all the art you created.


Wenwe said...

Thank you. Mack and I are exploring this and it feels good to have pen in hand again! Remember doing this when I was younger (didn't have an official name then). Thanks for the links for getting started.