Friday, May 21, 2010

Smores and Music

I meant to post about this last week, but seem to be so busy in the garden lately I haven't had the time. Last week the boys and I had a craving for smores. We found some nice firewood, some kindling, a piece of newspaper and started a fire in our chimney.

We love this chimney, it is easy to start, and gives us just a little fire without heating up the house using our wood stove. Today was a smores day. Gathered the ingredients and just had a wonderful day. After the smores Dallen and I got out our flutes and decided to just play a bit. Neither of us has had any training on these flutes but the magic is you don't need any. Play anything, any combination of notes and it sounds beautiful.

I do enjoy our spontaneous moments, with this lifestyle we have chosen, we have such freedom as individuals and as a family to have spontaneous moments. Living for joy, and connection helps us see all the possibilities in our days. I can't even imagine what we would have missed had we ever sent the boys to school or chosen an authoritarian approach to parenting. Everything would just be so different. Living consensually has allowed us to be a family that is so deeply connected, and full of wonderful moments, full of joy, full of life, full of happiness.
For so many families that I personally know, this would be a "special occasion". Not just a spontaneous moment. It would take planning, and finding time. So many families are just so busy that moments like this take lots of planning. I really "like" that for us this is not a special occasion, although smores are always special :-)
For us, these kinds of moments happen quite frequently, we are always open to the possibilities, and have quite a few spontaneous moments. Moments where one of us will have an idea, share it with the rest of the family and take the time to pursue it. It leads to such connection between all of us.
I know I use the word connection quite frequently, but that is truly how I feel. Not only the connection we feel as parents to our children, but a much deeper connection. The type of connection that comes from being so into family, from enjoying each other's company, from having shared interests and passions, from spending time talking together, meaningful conversations, from sharing spiritual moments, quiet moments, fun moments, laughing moments, crying moments, from sharing our lives. That is the connection we have within our family.

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