Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have a family member graduating from high school this year. Exciting for her, I am sure. But in looking for a graduation card, I didn't see ANY I liked at all. I thought about making one, but really don't have the time right this minute, and didn't see any generic cards that conveyed the thoughts I had in mind.

All of the graduation cards made it sound like the graduate would finally be starting life now. Like this was some gateway into the real world, now that they have this diploma. I want to congratulate her, as I know this signifies an accomplishment for the individual. I guess my thinking has just changed so much over the years, that I can't get "into" this whole "your life is starting now" image. So what were these people doing for the last 18 years, if it wasn't "living". And if you aren't living then what good was school anyway, was it just some holding place, like a stasis chamber from Star Trek or something.

Most said things like "now may all your dreams come true" of course I have been wishing that for the graduate all along, why now. Don't you have dreams, goals, plans, ambitions before the age of 18. I know for my boys some of those dreams are long term, some are short term, but they have dreams and they are coming true and I wish that for them all along.

OK I am done rambling. I got a generic congratulations card, and will write something nice on there to convey my thoughts.
The pics are from my new camera. Dallen and I went for a walk in the pasture and were experimenting with the different settings. It will take a while for me to get used to the features but so far "I LIKE IT".

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