Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Birthday Sleep Over

I am a little behind in posting all the events in our life that I had intended. But I am slowly catching up. These pics are from Phillip's Big Birthday Sleep Over. Phil came up with this idea less than a week before his birthday. I later found out it was after chatting with his friends, they thought a huge sleep over would be a wonderful idea, and since Phil's birthday was right around the corner (literally), he volunteered to host.

I could have said no, too short notice, not enough room, need to clean the house first etc. But I didn't hesitate. I just said "let's get to work, I need a to-do list and there are things we need to get done before hand, things to figure out". Sitting down with Jackson that night, I told him about the sleep over and that in thinking about it, a sleep over was something my mother would have not given any thought, she would have just said no. I remember having a couple of friends over to spend the night, one at a time of course, but only a couple of times. And never with the parents. That concept would have baffled even my liberal mother, the idea of parents spending the night with their children. And I told Jackson that I want to give these things to my children if at all possible, and that is how it has been in our house. I mean, you can't have too much joy, can you?!

The Big Birthday Sleep Over was during the middle of the week, in March, another no-go in my childhood (no fun on a school night...LOL). With our non-conventional lifestyle it is easier to do things mid-week. Guest list, OK that was an easy one, all of Phil's friends, and their parents. Sleeping spaces, plenty of those, a few air mattresses, two extra bedrooms, a family room with plenty of floor space. Food, OK , so Phil decided on a taco bar for supper, pancakes for breakfast, and sub/sandwich bar for lunch, with plenty of snacks including mom's chocolate, chocolate chip cookies (dairy free), brownies (also dairy free) as well as gluten free/dairy free brownies. So we did the "major shopping trip" the day before, lots of paper plates on hand.

The kids came up with the fun, ranging from sitting in the living room with everyone on their lap tops, multiple gaming systems, board games, computers, music, movies etc. It was so fun to be there, chatting with my friends, and seeing the boys having so much fun with their friends, late into the night (morning). It was such a blessing to do this for everyone, to show my friends how much I love and appreciate them, to serve them as I feel they have served me. OK now I'm getting sappy, time to add the pictures. Not many pictures, I was too busy having fun to take pictures. :-)


A Present Moment said...

We had so much fun!!!! Gennifer was just talking about it the other day. Of course she wants a repeat : ) thanks for having us partake in all the JOY!

Pam Genant said...

Maybe once it is warm enough to swim, we can have a swimming, cook out, sleep over. :-)