Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Walk to the Park, SOOC

OK I am combining two of my favorite things, walking and enjoying the day with my boys, taking pictures. It was such a beautiful day, this week was FULL of beautiful days. So I suggested we take a walk to the McGalliard Falls Park. The boys were really excited, I think with winter being over we are just all eager to get out and ENJOY the sunshine. We walked by the creek to the waterfall, saw the frog eggs, just enjoyed watching the water, sitting in the sun, climbing on the rocks. And so I think for this week a few of the pics I took at the park are just right for the Straight Out of the Camera challenge. Here are a few from our adventure.


Jan said...

What a great place to visit. My daughter lives in Clayton, I wonder how far that is from Valdese. Wonderful photos, today.

fini mahadami said...

the water look so fresh and clean.. Great shots, indeed! What an adventure, I never get the chance to do that here..

Deanne said...

Beautiful pix!