Thursday, April 1, 2010

Minute Meditation

Oprah is having this Minute Meditation series on her web site, the premise, from what I am reading is that I am learning to relax, feel that peaceful feeling in just one minute and that each week we will learn new techniques so that we can get that same relaxed feeling in less than a minute.

Now I have been meditating for at least 6 days a week for quite a while now, sometimes just a few minutes and sometimes 45 min to an hour. I enjoy meditation. I am not sure how I feel about the minute meditation. On one hand I can see that it would be nice to be able to just breathe and relax, feel that feeling of deep meditation in just a minute. BUT is this a sign of our ever increasing pace. Have we as a society become so rushed that all we have is a minute while waiting in line at the grocery store or stop light. BUT maybe if we can capture those minutes maybe the days would be more peaceful and joyful. I don't know but maybe after the month-long course I will have a few answers. ;-)
Just for today.....

So today I tried the minute meditation. I found that it was hard for one minute to concentrate on my breathing when I was just waiting for that alarm to sound off. The point is to take one minute and only a minute so these sessions are supposed to be timed with a timer, had to find one on the internet...either that or do my meditating in the kitchen. But I generally don't like alarms. It has been years since I have woken up to an alarm. I really enjoy just going with the flow. Get up when my body is ready, or should I say when the dogs bodies are ready, meditate until I feel like stopping. So this alarm was really distracting, even though there was no sound whatsoever until the end of the minute, it was the anticipation of the alarm sound that was distracting. Will change the tone tomorrow to see if that makes any difference.

Now I am off to go outside in my swing chair to meditate in the nice warm sun!!! AHHHH

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