Monday, March 15, 2010

Teens and Cell Phones

OK so there is not enough room in the subject box for the subject of this blog post. I have been watching the Verizon commercial lately, and just wondering who creates these commercials. I have been a loyal Verizon customer and actually love my cell phone service. But this commercial is just so disturbing. I bet you know the one I am talking about and I bet some of you think it is "normal parent-teen interaction" and I know some of you are like me wondering what they were thinking.

The commercial shows a couple of teens outside shoveling snow, and the parents inside watching. The dad is explaining to the mom how he told the kids if they shoveled the snow they would have unlimited cell phone use. The mom says something like "we already have that". And they then laugh about tricking the kids into shoveling, and how it was so cold they weren't going to do it.

Man such a deranged commercial. What are we coming to as a society, or are we already there, have we been there? My parents wouldn't have done that so my perception might be skewed.

The kids wouldn't help if the parents just asked for help? Why is it so funny to trick the kids? Doesn't it just teach children that it is OK to lie and trick people, and that making fun of someone is funny, being cruel is funny? How would children learn to trust and believe in their parents if they are tricked like this? Is there an idea that the children will never find out?

Is it really a social norm to trick children like this, and laugh about it. Like the kids are the punchline of some "inside joke". Well I missed that joke, cause I don't think it is funny. And my next move is to send an e mail to Verizon.


Khourt said...

I dont have cable or anything like that to see commercials but yeah that would bug me too. How are we supposed to teach our children honesty and the whole virtue of being nice if they are viewing stuff like this.

Wenwe said...

Thank you for concisely wording what I have ben feeling as I watch that ad and others. I don't get why we have to manipulate or degrade others to make ourselves "feel" better. Yuck! I want to live in a mutual admiration society with strength and good will for all!

Deanne said...

That commercial bothers me too! I often comment on mean parents on TV and in movies that we watch, and my 12yo daughter told me I'm too sensitive. That made me sad, to think that she may already be immune to these things.

I'm glad to know that I am not alone in my "sensitivity" and that there are many of us who don't accept "that's just the way it is" between parents and teens.

Elena Margo Gould said...

There is way too much meanness on tv... I've gotten to where everything I watch I've recorded first on DVR so I can skip the commercials because they are so awful.

That being said, I guess I might find this a little bit funny (I haven't ever seen it, so I'm not sure) just because I feel like a lot of the time when I ask my kids for help they roll their eyes and groan and just generally make me feel like a pain in the butt. It might be cathartic to see the parents play this kind of prank. (Maybe also since my Dad's only way of relating to me was to tease, it seems normal! Yikes!)

But in real life, I wouldn't do it, and I feel like if people watch this kind of unkind representation for hours and hours every day then it will end up spilling over into their real lives.