Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decaf Chai

OK so the regular chai was making my heart pound. I stopped drinking chai altogether, and that wasn't bad actually. But I found I was missing my chai, not really the chai but the nice warm creamy drink, although I use silk so it isn't really "cream", maybe the word "fake creamy" would be better. After someone suggested decaf, duh, I went in search of decaf black tea. And yes, it is out there. I used my same recipe for chai and just substituted the decaf tea. It turned out wonderful. I have had same the last couple of days, YUM!! with no heart pounding moments, YAY!!

I wanted to also post the pic so you all can see my wonderful new mug. Well not "new", it was a Christmas present from a special friend. I love mugs, so a mug is always a welcome gift. I like thinking of the giver when I heat up my cuppa chai in the morning, and different mugs feel differently. This one is not only a nice, big, chunky mug, but I like the handle, it is flat and wide, and I love the colors, the purply-pink color with the blue. Very soothing. Although sometimes when I look at it, the line on the side sort of reminds me of an EKG, LOL. So go make yourself a cuppa chai/tea/coffee, sit in the quiet and relax, sip and be in the moment.

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Wenwe said...

Raising my cappa to yours!