Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday, Living Room Hutch

OK so I forgot to take a before picture. Let's just say that this job was so horrific that I have been putting it off for months. This hutch is in the Living Room and holds office type stuff, paper of all types, envelopes, computer software, cords, and any miscellaneous stuff that runs through the living room. It was so bad that a couple of weeks ago a friend was returning a CD and I had to tell her to just leave it on the counter. She asked about putting it back in the hutch and I just shook my head and told her if she opened those doors everything would fall out and she could be hurt.

And when I did open the doors, everything fell out, well not everything but the huge ball of tangled cords did. So Jackson and I went through all the cords, many were just not needed. They were extra cords from computers of the past, and of course all computers these days come with their own cords so we don't need all these extra cords. We had programs in there that were on floppy discs, can you even find a computer these days to read that. We had a joy stick from when we were in Germany, actually when we were in Frankfurt, so that would be when my oldest was maybe 1 year old....he is now 15. DISASTER.

But I needed to find a note pad that I knew was in there, so yesterday it all came out and we went through it. Well not all of it, just the top shelves. The bottom shelf was not as bad so that stayed "as is". A perfect task for the Tackle it Tuesday challenge, even though we really did it on Monday.