Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Scarf

For Christmas the past couple of years my husband has picked out some yarn for my stash. Amazingly, he is a great pick, has a wonderful eye for color. This year was no different. One of the balls of yarn was very unique, it had 6 threads to make up the yarn but instead of being twisted together, they were just straight together. I thought about making socks but then thought that it might be too difficult to keep the threads together and might get confusing on the small needles.

So instead, I decided to make a scarf, which also turned out to be great timing since we are in the middle of a really cold snap. I don't remember it saying this cold for so long since we moved her (one of the reasons we moved SOUTH). So I have been using the scarf daily and thinking of Jackson. On the ends I debated what to do, fringe, no fringe.....just couldn't decide. Without fringe I thought it would be too simple. With much for such a dainty scarf. Then I thought of the beads he gave me last year for Christmas. Just three beads, but really cool beads. I had them tucked away in a safe place and think of them often when I am doing projects. I figured when the right project came along I would have the perfect beads. So I added two beads to one end of the scarf and one to the other and now it is just the perfect Holiday scarf.


Ekip2 said...

How beautiful!! I love the beads at the end - so sweet that DH picked the supplies out!

lv2scpbk said...

Very pretty. I was thinking about buying a scarf today. Didn't find one yet that really struck me yet.