Saturday, January 2, 2010

Father and Son

I love to watch my husband, Jackson, with his sons. That is something that escapes me sometimes. The boys love video games, computer games etc. And the kinds of games they enjoy are not the ones that I enjoy. That is something they share with their dad. I like to listen to them talk about the games, don't understand much of it, but listening to their excitement and joy just makes me smile. They, in turn, love sharing the game, in that way, with me. But Jackson enjoys sitting there with the boys playing the games with them. How wonderful is that to share a passion.

For Christmas Phillip got a large lego kit, it is part of the Lego city, Green Grocer specifically. Each year he gets another piece to the city and Phillip and Jackson assemble it together, father and son. Not a whole lot of conversation going on, but just an "I know what he is thinking" mode. Another blessing to watch. They are still working on this year's lego but here are a couple of pictures of the duo in process.

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Sylvia said...

Yes! How sweet to see those photos of Jackson with your boys!

I love to watch our boys with their Dad. From my own very detached childhood, my fondest wish was for my children to have a father who made it known he loves them. It's always so good to see my wish has come true!