Monday, January 11, 2010

Cuppa Chai

Oh my morning cuppa chai. I make it myself, love it alone with the quiet of the house, just sitting by the fire thinking of the upcoming day. It is my comfort food, well one of them ;-)

The last few weeks I have been feeling my heart pounding, not racing, it isn't any faster but it feels like on and off I can feel it pounding for just 30 seconds to a minute. My blood pressure is not high, it doesn't hurt, no missed beats, no heart murmur etc. And I hadn't put two and two together yet.

This morning I was sitting here enjoying my cuppa chai, like every other morning and not long after my heart started pounding again. The connection was made. The last time I felt this was when I was in college, working at a nursing home. There were some LONG weeks there, and everyone was encouraging me to try coffee, I hadn't tried it before then, just really didn't want to try it, my parents were hooked on coffee and I did not want that to be me. BUT trying to stay away during classes was getting me down, so I tried a cup, and within minutes I could feel my heart pounding. Never had coffee again....OK so that was over 20 years ago, so I can see why it took me so long to connect the dots.

I really think it is my chai. Granted a cuppa chai does not have the same amount of caffeine as a cuppa coffee but it does have caffeine. I think it is time to give up my cuppa chai in the morning, and see if that makes the difference. I am ready, I can do this.....can you make chai with herbal tea....hmmmmm I may have to try.


Sylvia said...

you could try decaf chai. If you mix up your own just use decaf black tea. For bagged chai, I enjoy Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai, made with rooibos which is naturally decaf.

I gave up caffeine about 10 yrs ago, but no way am I giving up my morning tea!

Cid said...

I had some heart-pounding moments yesterday afternoon, after drinking 1.5 cups of coffee... I hadn't eaten ('cause I'm trying to only eat when I'm hungry, and I wasn't hungry!) and you're right, it doesn't hurt, but is so disconcerting!!

I found some decaffinated chai on my last trip to the store... and it's GOOD!!

Peace & Abundance, Cid