Sunday, January 31, 2010

Straight Out of the Camera

OK so I have taken a few pictures over the last couple of days, snow is always exciting for us as we get so little. So my favorite pic for this week, and straight out of the camera is related to snow. hmmmmm to pick just one. I really like this pic:

But my favorite would have to be Jackson and Phil being silly and playing in the snow, making an igloo. Just so much joy and love and fun!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow...let it snow

It's the weekend and it's white and we are loving it. We rarely get one snow storm here in our part of North Carolina, let alone two. So we are blessed this year with another white weekend. Jackson's work is only about 5 miles away so he is not on the roads long, another blessing. The temps are hanging around freezing, the snow that covered the ground last night was so beautiful. Now it is sleeting out there, but we are safe and warm and snuggled up inside. Soup on the stove, yummm.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cuppa Chai

Oh my morning cuppa chai. I make it myself, love it alone with the quiet of the house, just sitting by the fire thinking of the upcoming day. It is my comfort food, well one of them ;-)

The last few weeks I have been feeling my heart pounding, not racing, it isn't any faster but it feels like on and off I can feel it pounding for just 30 seconds to a minute. My blood pressure is not high, it doesn't hurt, no missed beats, no heart murmur etc. And I hadn't put two and two together yet.

This morning I was sitting here enjoying my cuppa chai, like every other morning and not long after my heart started pounding again. The connection was made. The last time I felt this was when I was in college, working at a nursing home. There were some LONG weeks there, and everyone was encouraging me to try coffee, I hadn't tried it before then, just really didn't want to try it, my parents were hooked on coffee and I did not want that to be me. BUT trying to stay away during classes was getting me down, so I tried a cup, and within minutes I could feel my heart pounding. Never had coffee again....OK so that was over 20 years ago, so I can see why it took me so long to connect the dots.

I really think it is my chai. Granted a cuppa chai does not have the same amount of caffeine as a cuppa coffee but it does have caffeine. I think it is time to give up my cuppa chai in the morning, and see if that makes the difference. I am ready, I can do this.....can you make chai with herbal tea....hmmmmm I may have to try.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Demise of the Gingerbread House

Well the boys each had their own gingerbread house, just a small one they decorated one day for our Art Day. Both very cute. Phillip wanted to burn his, to see what it would look like up in flames. Yesterday was the day!! Nice bed of hot coals with plenty of room for the house. So here are the cool pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Scarf

For Christmas the past couple of years my husband has picked out some yarn for my stash. Amazingly, he is a great pick, has a wonderful eye for color. This year was no different. One of the balls of yarn was very unique, it had 6 threads to make up the yarn but instead of being twisted together, they were just straight together. I thought about making socks but then thought that it might be too difficult to keep the threads together and might get confusing on the small needles.

So instead, I decided to make a scarf, which also turned out to be great timing since we are in the middle of a really cold snap. I don't remember it saying this cold for so long since we moved her (one of the reasons we moved SOUTH). So I have been using the scarf daily and thinking of Jackson. On the ends I debated what to do, fringe, no fringe.....just couldn't decide. Without fringe I thought it would be too simple. With much for such a dainty scarf. Then I thought of the beads he gave me last year for Christmas. Just three beads, but really cool beads. I had them tucked away in a safe place and think of them often when I am doing projects. I figured when the right project came along I would have the perfect beads. So I added two beads to one end of the scarf and one to the other and now it is just the perfect Holiday scarf.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday, Living Room Hutch

OK so I forgot to take a before picture. Let's just say that this job was so horrific that I have been putting it off for months. This hutch is in the Living Room and holds office type stuff, paper of all types, envelopes, computer software, cords, and any miscellaneous stuff that runs through the living room. It was so bad that a couple of weeks ago a friend was returning a CD and I had to tell her to just leave it on the counter. She asked about putting it back in the hutch and I just shook my head and told her if she opened those doors everything would fall out and she could be hurt.

And when I did open the doors, everything fell out, well not everything but the huge ball of tangled cords did. So Jackson and I went through all the cords, many were just not needed. They were extra cords from computers of the past, and of course all computers these days come with their own cords so we don't need all these extra cords. We had programs in there that were on floppy discs, can you even find a computer these days to read that. We had a joy stick from when we were in Germany, actually when we were in Frankfurt, so that would be when my oldest was maybe 1 year old....he is now 15. DISASTER.

But I needed to find a note pad that I knew was in there, so yesterday it all came out and we went through it. Well not all of it, just the top shelves. The bottom shelf was not as bad so that stayed "as is". A perfect task for the Tackle it Tuesday challenge, even though we really did it on Monday.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Father and Son

I love to watch my husband, Jackson, with his sons. That is something that escapes me sometimes. The boys love video games, computer games etc. And the kinds of games they enjoy are not the ones that I enjoy. That is something they share with their dad. I like to listen to them talk about the games, don't understand much of it, but listening to their excitement and joy just makes me smile. They, in turn, love sharing the game, in that way, with me. But Jackson enjoys sitting there with the boys playing the games with them. How wonderful is that to share a passion.

For Christmas Phillip got a large lego kit, it is part of the Lego city, Green Grocer specifically. Each year he gets another piece to the city and Phillip and Jackson assemble it together, father and son. Not a whole lot of conversation going on, but just an "I know what he is thinking" mode. Another blessing to watch. They are still working on this year's lego but here are a couple of pictures of the duo in process.