Friday, December 18, 2009

Explore Science Day

My youngest son has been interested in just exploring different aspects of science (electricity, chemistry etc). And of course these things are more fun with a group so I started organizing an explore science day at our house for our homeschool group. It is a relaxed day, I seek out fun things to do and provide the different items needed, the kids come and I give kind of a general overview of what we are doing and let them go at it, working as they like (or don't like). We do have a few that are sometimes not interested, so of course we have video games, board games etc for anyone to use, and many do at some point during the day....coming and going as they like.

This month was kind of like kitchen chemistry, and I got the idea from this web site. I loved the approach since the author said that he generally just puts everything out and then lets the kids go at it, figuring things out along the way (how cool is that). And we found the same results as he did, the initial "let's mix everything together", then settling down to "wow if I mix X with Y...this happens." Some really enjoyed just mixing everything together to see the coolest reaction they could get, and some really wanted to know what made the reaction, etc. Very interesting, lasted a couple of hours, lots of playing after, get a bunch of friends together and it is always FUN!

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