Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Be Here...Meditation

It has always been a challenge for me to meditate. I guess in this world where every minute has to count for something it is difficult to slow down. Hard to clear the mind and sit. I have always said I have my own forms of meditation, my knitting, cooking etc. But it always seems like I am falling short in my practice. That I am missing some benefit, that by sitting daily in quiet meditation, doing nothing, I would somehow gain something more tangible. So my daily reading this morning was eye opening. So let me share just a bit:

".....As long as we insist that meditation must be meaningful, we fail to understand it. We meditate with the idea that we’re going to get something from it—that it will lower our blood pressure, calm us down, or enhance our concentration. And, we believe, if we meditate long enough, and in just the right way, it might even bring us to enlightenment.

All of this is delusion.....

So why meditate? If it’s not to get some benefit, what’s the point?...

Meditation is just to be here. This can mean doing the dishes, writing a letter, driving a car, or having a conversation - if we’re fully engaged in this activity of the moment, there is no plotting or scheming or ulterior purpose. This full engagement is meditation. It doesn’t mean anything but itself...."
How profound. The article is called Looking for Meaning, written by Steve Hagen. In, of course, my favorite magazine, Tricycle. So please visit the article online, and read the entire piece.


Elena Margo Gould said...

This is a wonderful reminder, thank you. For those of us who have a difficult time finding a quiet moment, it is validating to hear that we can practice meditation simply by being present and living in the moment. I don't have to step off the path, I simply have to be aware that I am on it.

Ronnie said...

I have a friend who meditates by paddling a boat. It's one of those wobbly ones, where it takes concentration to keep it from capsizing, so his mind is fully occupied and present.

I think knitting and cooking are similarly mind-occupying, with the lovely bonus of being free from the threat of cold-water dunkings!