Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Routine

We are back from vacation and I am quietly slipping back into my daily routine. We don't have much of a routine around here but there are things that I do each and every day that fall into that category.

This morning I could feel the dewy grass on my bare feet as I walked slowly out to care for the chickens. The brisk air really lets me know that I am alive. Sun streaming across my face the chickens come out to greet me as I lift their door so they can have free roam of the pasture during the day. I sprinkle just a bit of feed out for them and check their water. All is good. I generally sit in my small lawn chair out with the chicks for a while, it is just so quiet out at the barn this time of the morning. No deer prancing in the pasture today for me, but I can hear all the birds singing in the trees. Looking across the field, I can see the fog as the sun bakes the dew off the grass. Just a pretty site, nice place to meditate and ground myself for the day.

I just relax for a few minutes keeping myself present in the moment, then let the day slip in somewhere. Start thinking about the barn, it needs some repairs. We will need to finish this up by spring. We also need some new chicks, need to think about those for spring. And looking out over the field we have some nice trees, will have to come out over the next few weeks with Jackson and the boys to pick out our Christmas Tree for this year.

Yes, it's time to get up and walk back to the house, I will need to start sending out speaker contracts to the speakers for the Love to Learn Conference today, pick up the dogs from the kennel, I can't wait to see them, make some bread and crackers to have around the house, and I have a few bananas starting to go brown, maybe make some banana bread for the boys for breakfast, that would be a treat. OK back into the groove, grateful for another day. Maybe tomorrow I'll bring out my camera so you all can see what I see.

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