Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Beauty in Water

I have always been a water person. Just feel so much calmer and at peace near the water. My father was a fisherman, so I grew up on the water. I loved going fishing with my dad, I wasn't much of a "fisherman" but I really enjoyed the boat ride, the wind, the salt water, the smell of the ocean, the sea gulls hovering close by. All those wonderful memories are just trapped in my mind, swirling around, always bring me back to the water.

At this point in my life, I live about 5 hours drive from the ocean, so only get back about twice a year, three times if I am lucky. I soak up each and every moment of it. With the hikes I have been organizing, I have been trying to make each one end at a beautiful waterfall. I can't believe how many beautiful waterfalls there are here in the mountains of North Carolina. Such force, power and serene beauty in a waterfall. I have posted a few pics of our last hike, but wanted to share one more. Mine are always Straight Out of the Camera, no time for digital touch ups.

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Jan said...

Love your waterfall capture. I'm about an hour from the ocean, so I get there more often, but I understand what you mean.