Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

So I have some cluttered spots that really need help, LOL. OK I have a lot of troubled spots that need help. I have tried tackling bigger projects but never seem to make any progress. In fact in tackling larger projects I seem to have time to take things apart, clean and start sorting, then get distracted and move onto another project... You know where I am going with this....
So I decided to join in on Tackle it Tuesday, and start small, working on a project that will take me no longer than an hour or so. This is my first sort:

Our ottoman. Sitting there in front of the couch it is a catch all for all sorts of stuff. Reading a book, just sit it there on the ottoman, knitting, just leave it there on the ottoman, after all I will pick it up again sometime. So there it is and now it is full of coffee mugs, knitting projects, completed knitting projects, left over yarn, books, magazines, papers, remotes etc etc. So with just about 30 minutes, putting things back where they belong....now I have a nice neat ottoman again. It really feels good to tackle the ottoman, it has been starting at me for days, LOL.

What will I tackle next Tuesday?

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