Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Craft it Wednesday

OK I found a new crafting meme. YAY!!! This will be my first week sharing so I have decided to share some socks. A friend has asked for some men's socks, I am working on a total of 6 pair for her to choose from. Have been working on them for a few weeks now, but the last pair which I finished up last night were the silk/wool blend plum colored socks, so they are on the top. I just love the colors and textures. A couple pair are straight wool, one pair is alpaca (ohhhhh so sooofffftttt) and then the camo socks are hand painted wool, very cool, and of course the one pair of silk/wool blend socks. ...............One of my passions!!


lv2scpbk said...

That's so cool that you know how to make socks. I like the colors.

Welcome to Craft it Wed. also. Remember you don't have to post exactly on Wed. You can post anytime doing the week. I've been thinking of changing the name but it's such a pain.

Kathy said...

Those socks are gorgeous! Did you ever finish your instructions for knitting socks and I missed them?

Pam Genant said...

No Kathy I haven't finished the instructions yet. But I do have it on my mind. My computer dumped all my photos, so the plan is to finish one more pair of mens socks, then to make another pair of women's socks and take pictures from where I left off, completing the instructions. :-) Thanks for asking though!!