Thursday, October 29, 2009

Setrock Creek Falls Hike

Every month I organize a hike somewhere not too far away. Just a group of friends. I always have thought that with all these mountains and waterfalls, as a family, we could go anytime to hike in the mountains. But the truth is that when Jackson is home, exhausted from long days at work, hiking is not first on our list of things to do. We have fun, usually, right around the house, playing games and being together.

So I started scheduling a day each month to go hiking, and I invite our friends to come along. We usually have a great group, around 4-6 families, all ages and experience levels etc. And we hike, each at our own pace, looking at everything along the way.

Just so much fun, the boys have really been enjoying these hikes as much as I. And we have seen some amazing waterfalls. I am in awe each and every time, the water just seems to come from the sky and falls down on the rocks, carving out a path along it's way, leaving it's mark on this world. Yesterday was no exception, beautiful scenery, a wonderful hike with amazing friends, time to play, and chat, just a lovely day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

So I have some cluttered spots that really need help, LOL. OK I have a lot of troubled spots that need help. I have tried tackling bigger projects but never seem to make any progress. In fact in tackling larger projects I seem to have time to take things apart, clean and start sorting, then get distracted and move onto another project... You know where I am going with this....
So I decided to join in on Tackle it Tuesday, and start small, working on a project that will take me no longer than an hour or so. This is my first sort:

Our ottoman. Sitting there in front of the couch it is a catch all for all sorts of stuff. Reading a book, just sit it there on the ottoman, knitting, just leave it there on the ottoman, after all I will pick it up again sometime. So there it is and now it is full of coffee mugs, knitting projects, completed knitting projects, left over yarn, books, magazines, papers, remotes etc etc. So with just about 30 minutes, putting things back where they I have a nice neat ottoman again. It really feels good to tackle the ottoman, it has been starting at me for days, LOL.

What will I tackle next Tuesday?

Monday, October 26, 2009


My last pair of men's socks is finished. Now I am back to women's socks, and a lovely wool yarn in shades of purple awaits me. Yeah!! I love trying new yarn, seeing what patterns emerge. Off to knit.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

October Sunrise

Getting up early with the puppy has it's upsides. I get to have some quiet time to think, drink my chai, answer e mails and blog. Also I have the incredible opportunity to see some magnificent sunrises. The one a few days ago was particularly colorful. "...Red sky in the morning sailors take warning." I remember that from my childhood, my dad was a fisherman.

And this particular sky was actually followed by a few days of stormy weather, hmmm maybe there is something to that old saying.

The colors are beautiful, but the came can't capture the true magnificence of the sunrise. But this one is straight out of the camera.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I want to post about my oldest son Dallen. Just a wonderful, creative being, that I love so very much. He is built, physically, like his dad. Pictures of Jackson as a child look like Dallen now. Dallen is almost 6 feet tall, and THIN. I don't mean thin...I mean THIN, always has been. We have always had trouble finding clothing for him. When he was younger he like the wind breaker type of pants, which made it easy since those had a tie at the waste, and could be cinched to fit.

Then a couple of years ago, his style changed and he wanted jeans. OK the search began. We were able to find pants at Old Navy that had a sort of adjustable waist, so they could also be tightened to fit his waist. Of course the body of the pants was big, but at least they stayed up. Fast forward to now.....he has gotten taller but not wider. Now he is out of the kid's pants and into men's pants. No more adjustable waist, at least that we can find anywhere. He would take about a 26 waist X 34 length....if any company made that size. We have searched and searched, hours, days of looking through every store around, every mall. Hours of searching online. I even found a web site where you can (for a couple hundred $) build your own jeans, but of course they still did not go small enough in the waist.

The path we were on was to have a friend sew pants for him. That was a challenge alone, as to find boy's pant patterns was harder than I thought. We were in the process of having these custom made pants fitted, as the first go around just didn't fit right, when the getaway happened. So we took a break from that and headed out of town for FUN!! And we did have fun, but that isn't the best thing.

On the way home from the getaway we pass by an outlet mall. I asked Jackson, who was driving at the time, to just stop in and let's get out and look. Mostly the same stores we have already look in, but a couple of new ones. So we passed through the usual, Gap, American Eagle, etc. NOTHING. To get a 34 length, the smallest waist is 30. Dallen even tried that one on....OK so it was so big I think we could have fit two of him in them. Dallen was getting frustrated, he just wanted to take the jeans, even though they didn't fit. I kept telling him what I have been telling him all along, we will work it out. Let's keep looking. During this whole process Dallen showed me how he has been wearing his current jeans. I thought he still had two pair that fit him, but it turns out they didn't fit him. He had been wearing the waist down around his lower hips so that the leg was long enough, the leg was really about 4 or more inches too short. I felt so bad for him, and was frustrated myself at not being able to find pants. I mean come on, they are just pants. Dallen can't be the only tall, skinny 15 year old that has this trouble.

One last store, we walked into the Pac Sun store. OK still NOTHING smaller in the waist than 32, which is actually WAYYYYY to big for Dallen, but he wanted to try them on. So we got the "Skinniest" jeans, which are supposed to be "tight", in a 32X34 and he tried them on. The leg fit so nicely, not tight, not bulky either, they looked like they fit him. Of course the waist is inches too big. I sat in the fitting room trying to figure out how I could take them in. But there was just too much fabric to be able to take them in and have them still look like pants. So we bought a belt, which Dallen LOVED, it had skulls on it. And Dallen put the pants on with the belt, worked the fabric around a bit, put his T shirt back on, and they looked fabulous. He bought two pair, and we have the web site so we can buy more.

I never knew that clothing could effect how you feel about yourself, so much. Dallen just beamed, he smiles every time he puts those jeans on, he loves to show his friends. It was amazing. And maybe it was just that having jeans that didn't fit made him more self conscious. Along with the frustration of thinking he would never find pants that fit. I just love how he feels in his new jeans. I love how much more confidently he walks, how he smiles. It took us MONTHS, but we found them. Whew I don't even want to think about him getting taller, it seems to happen over night, we will work with that when it comes. I am just enjoying him NOW, enjoying the joy in his face.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Working for MY Family

I do so many things for the homeschooling community. Not alone, by any means, most of these things are group efforts. I work on hosting different events for my children. I work on the Love to Learn Conference because I believe that NC needs an inclusive HOMESCHOOL conference.

But this past weekend was wonderful. It was a lot of hard work but it was more than worth it. It truly was for me and the whole family. Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing lots of different things, for myself and for my children, but this accomplished both in one swoop. I coordinated a couple of fun sessions that my children were interested in. I was able to participate in a couple of chats for myself. Spend time with Jackson, and there was time during the day where I could go out into the park and enjoy time with family, running, playing and just having fun. And there was time for me to get together with friends and reconnect, some friends I see on a regular basis, some that I don't see often enough, and some friends that I had never met before!!

It was just a wonderful opportunity, and I returned home feeling so recharged. Which is unusual. For the most part when I help organize things like this, it is a lot of effort, I thoroughly enjoy it and usually come away exhausted. But when I returned home last night I just had so much energy, went ahead and cleaned up all of our travel "stuff", finished laundry with energy to clean the house a little. I so can't wait to get started on next year's getaway. What a blessing, to have friends like I have, to have the family that I have. Such a joy, when it all comes together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Craft it Wednesday

OK I found a new crafting meme. YAY!!! This will be my first week sharing so I have decided to share some socks. A friend has asked for some men's socks, I am working on a total of 6 pair for her to choose from. Have been working on them for a few weeks now, but the last pair which I finished up last night were the silk/wool blend plum colored socks, so they are on the top. I just love the colors and textures. A couple pair are straight wool, one pair is alpaca (ohhhhh so sooofffftttt) and then the camo socks are hand painted wool, very cool, and of course the one pair of silk/wool blend socks. ...............One of my passions!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


This came in my daily soul retreat this morning from the soulful living web site. I love these daily notes/newsletters. Just short things to think about with more resources if I want to pursue anything further. This particular one happened to be just what I needed right now. I really like who I am, and am attracting more of that into my life, filtering out the negative influences without intentions of doing that. But by attracting more of what I want and more friends who have similar beliefs and thinking, it just enriches my life and makes the circle larger.

It struck a chord with me so I though I would post just a bit and if it resonates with you also you can follow the link and read more.

"A basic dynamic of energy is that we attract who we are--the more positive energy we give off, the more positive connections we’ll magnetize to us. Ditto for negativity. It works like this: Love attracts love. Grumpiness attracts grumpiness. Passion attracts passion. Rage attracts rage. The explanation? This human form of ours is a subtle energy transmitter. We’re constantly sending out signals which others on similar frequencies pick up on, and gravitate towards--an instinctual call we may not be aware of. Why opportunities do or don’t show up in our lives is a function of this."