Sunday, September 27, 2009


I watched a nice little movie yesterday, Taos. It was a "crossroads" type of movie, but set in the southwest, one of my favorite places. Helps me think about my life, and am I doing exactly what I love, and yes is the answer. But I also think back at my parents, my dad quit his factory job and we were scraping by at one point, barely, until he reestablished himself as a fisherman. Which is what he loved. Not much money in it, my mother eventually went back to work and it was basically pay check to pay check, but he was doing what he loved, he loved being outside, he loved working for himself. And he did leave a "secure" job and took the risk, to be happy.

If you haven't seen the movie, again it is Taos. I received it as one of the movies from the Spiritual Cinema Circle, which I thoroughly enjoy. With the Spiritual Cinema Circle, I receive monthly movies, to keep, that are generally not top run, movie theater movies, but low budget, or more thought provoking movies, usually with no "big names". Also worth the investment.


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