Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roaring Fork Falls Hike

What a glorious day for a hike. With so much rain lately, I NEEDED to get out of the house and just be out in the green grass. It didn't matter to me if it was raining or not at this point. I like the rain, of course, didn't want to be hiking in rain soaked clothes and wet shoes, and I knew the boys wouldn't want that either. But a little bit of cabin fever was setting in and so we scheduled hiking day "rain or shine". I didn't really know who would show up but we were going anyway. The boys and I made a trip to the sports store for some rain gear...we were going to be "fashionable AND dry"...LOL.

But no need, the rain stopped and the sun came out just for our hike, how beautiful. Not too cold and not too hot just perfect. A nice easy hike to a magnificent waterfall, Roaring Fork Falls Hike. With all the rain the waterfall was just racing down the mountain. We had a good sized group of some of my favorite people, all ready to hike, and play and have fun together. I loved watching kids playing in the water, jumping from rock to rock, chatting with friends and taking pictures. The boys enjoyed the day, I enjoyed the day. And now it is raining again, supposed to rain all weekend. But I feel refreshed, just the break I needed. I am so blessed to find this picturesque place to live, so many great hikes here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There is no better way to clear your head, forget everything else going on around you, and just be present in the moment, enjoying life and getting in touch with nature, than a nice hike and a breathtaking waterfall. Looking forward to next month.

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