Saturday, September 19, 2009


You know I think now and again about what my boys will be like when they are older, will they be parents, will they find a partner they love as much as I love their dad, where will their passions take them, that sort of thing.

Tonight I was watching a show on National Geographic about transgender children, young children. And they spot lighted a young boy, born a boy with the genitals of a male. As this boy aged, he entered school as a boy but would dress up as a girl at home, would tell his parents he was not a boy he was a girl, OK there was a lot more to the show, and I am sure you can find the National Geographic channel and see or read about it.

But I was just finding it interesting. The parents, when the child was still young, decided that she should be able to decide for herself what her gender was. And if she was this persistent that she was not a boy, maybe they should listen to her. So they bought her the clothes she wanted, let her grow her hair etc. The show went on to discuss possibilities for this girl's future, but that isn't what I wanted to share. I thought it was so AMAZING that this family totally went against society, even facing ridicule and threats, to allow their daughter to express herself as she wanted, to be herself. How thoughtful and loving that was.

My youngest son walked into the room and asked what I was watching, so I basically said, this is talking about this little girl, who has male genitals but does not feel inside like she is a boy, she feels like she is a girl. He asked a couple of questions, and I said something about other adults picking on her. He replied "why would they do that, that is mean, they should just let her be what she wants to be." HOW amazing is that. He is such a caring and compassionate child. And he does not have the societal bias that so many children do. He is 12 and I can think of a handful of 12 year olds that would be right there thinking that this was horrible, and she should just be a boy after all she is made like a boy. But not my son, he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to try to make her be something she does not feel like she is. It was so not a big deal to him, she should be what she wants, she should be able to determine for herself. AHHHHH self-determination. Some get it, so many do not.

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