Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Have been too busy to even blog these days. I don't like that feeling. I like having time to enjoy everything around me. I have been thinking about blogging, have some things I want to get down, and mull over. I have things I really enjoy but I also value down time, and time to just process everything going on in my life, appreciate the joy and life I have in front of me. I think in the not so distant future I need to re-evaluate the things I do, try to decide what is more important and not try to fit everything in, making a busy schedule that leaves no time for reflection and space.

I need to find people equally passionate about the things that are important to me, see if I can share the passion and cut the work in 1/2. That is one possibility. I can and do say no. If it is something that I don't enjoy, that does not add to my life. I guess I just have so many interests right now. Maybe because growing up I was not allowed to just follow my interests to their end. I had to choose, for lack of money, what interests I wanted to pursue and had to follow those that I chose, for years, there was no dropping something if I found that it did not hold my interest. Maybe that is why I am trying so many things now.

So many thoughts going around in my head, so many options, I need to meditate, relax, ponder and see what comes alive in me. Time will tell. One priority is to have time to blog....and blog I will.

Pondering this life
All my interests surround me
Submerged in the joy

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Wenwe said...

Slow down you move to fast,
Gotta make the morning last.
Kicking down the cobblestones
Enjoyin life and feelin groovey...