Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Morning's Chuckle

OK I just had to share this because it made me chuckle this morning. It is a comment about a homeschool article. Here is the article in case anyone is interested. It is a factual article about homeschool statistics in NC, but the author did mention our conference coming up this Saturday (WHOOO HOOOO).

OK the funny part is this comment:

"...They will not learn crucial skills necessary to cope with other kids from different backgrounds - this is an important part of education and will promote their success in the working world. The home school atmosphere will also give the students a tunnel view of the real world in that they will be protected from the diverse attributes of the public education. "

OMG I had to laugh so hard. I wonder if people proof read the comment first to make sure it actually makes sense. Since when do public schools have kids from "different backgrounds", that has been the subject of debate for years. And you gotta love the "homeschool atmosphere will also give the students a tunnel view of the real world" (OK because we know the home, community, city, state are not the real world) oh yes the poster lets us know exactly what the real world is... THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. ROFLOL.

OK just had to share in case anyone else needed a little chuckle this morning.


Sylvia said...

It looked like almost all the comments were negative ones, and very prejudiced.

I'll just trust that all the folks who'd defend homeschooling are too busy enjoying their kids to waste energy and time debating with the others who comment.

Lisa B said...

Well we all know that real life is spending 7 hours a day in a room with 25 other people that are exactly the same age and grade level and have been carefully placed in that place according to residential, socioeconomic, and racial quotas!

I will let my unschooled/homeschooled honor student recipient of a $40,000 academic merit scholarship who recently attended her college orientation where she immediately made friends with girls from all over the country while alot of the public and private schooled kids were miserable because their "clique" from high school wasn't there! Oh and let's add how many of those public and private schooled kids just attended a 2 week long "transitions" program to take a study skills and writing class to be prepared to take on college level work while my child has already read her summer reading assigned during orientation and finished her essay. Hmmmmm I will let her know she doesn't measure up as soon as I stop laughing at the idiots that really believe this other poster!

Pam Genant said...
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Pam Genant said...

All homeschool articles bring out the antihomeschool comments. Just too many fun things to do to engage in that debate.

Deanne said...

Comments like that one so clearly illustrate the "tunnel vision" promoted and perpetuated by the public education system.

It is hard to believe people seriously think that. I wish they were joking.