Saturday, July 4, 2009

Knitting Socks #2

OK I had to quickly finish up those pretty socks for a friends birthday, but I did take plenty of pictures along the way. And now I am back to documenting my process.

7. I make the body of my sock (including the ribbing) 7 inches. That is a good length for a woman's sock, plus my needles are 7 inches long so I can use my needle to measure, much easier. Of course you can make the body of your sock as long, or as short, as you want. I have made footies in the past and made the body of the sock only like 2 or 3 inches.

8. Next we will be working on the heel flap, so we will need to divide our stitches. You will end up with 1/2 your stitches on a stitch holder and the other 1/2 we will be working with to make the heel flap. So for this 56 stitch sock you are going to knit 14 stitches from needle one to your empty needle 4. Then you are going to slip 14 stitches from needle three to the other end of needle 4. This gives you a total of 28 stitches (1/2) on your needle 4, with the tail, beginning yarn, (the back of the sock) right in the middle. These are the stitches we will use to make our heel flap.

9. The remaining 28 stitches that are on needles 1,2, and 3, transfer to a stitch holder. You can, if you don't have a stitch holder, slide them all onto one needle and leave them, just be careful as you are working the heel that you don't loose any stitches. I have found out it is really easy to forget about those stitches and not notice them sliding off the needle. :-) It only takes a minute to slide them on the stitch holder and you don't have to think about them.

You can see in the last two photos that I have 1/2 the stitches (28) on a stitch holder (back) and 1/2 (28) on one needle (front) that I will be using to knit the heel. My knitting yarn is to the left in the picture.

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