Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feeding Your Demons

In a recent issue of Tricycle Magazine, there is an interesting article titled Feeding Your Demons. In short this article talks about turning thing in your life that may be hindering your progress, or blocking you emotionally, physically etc, into positive, supportive, encouraging allies in your life, by feeding them what they need. (Ok so that was the very short version). Here is a better clip from the Tricycle web site:

"...Demons are our obsessions and fears, feelings of insecurity, chronic illnesses, or common problems like depression, anxiety, and addiction. Feeding our demons rather than fighting them may seem to contradict the conventional approach of attacking and attempting to eliminate that which assails us, but it turns out to be a remarkable alternative and an effective path to liberation from all dichotomies. ..."

There are concrete steps to go through and you feel what it is like to be that negative force or blockage, and turn that around, using images that are conjured up in your mind. It is truly an amazing activity. And I have been working on things in my life, using this technique for a couple of weeks not. I don't use the whole process every day. But the last step creates a way for you to access these supportive images any time you like. I can see so many areas in my life where this will be so helpful. Let me just share a little clip from step one here with the link so you can read the rest at the actual web site itself:

"step one: Find the Demon in the first step you will find where in your body you hold the demon. Your demon might be an illness, an addiction, a phobia, perfectionism, anger, depression, or anything that is dragging you down, draining your energy. So first decide what you will work with. Finding the demon in your body takes you out of your head into a direct somatic experience. Think about the issue or demon you’ve decided to work with and let your awareness scan your body from head to toe, without any judgments, simply being aware of the sensations that are present...."

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Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post. As a therapist I have come across Feeding Your Demons before and came across this post when considering using it to help a client with a severe phobia - it works very well. I will definitely bookmark this site and keep coming back to visit.