Saturday, June 13, 2009

Celebrating my FEET

OK that sounds corny, but I was looking at my feet this morning and just feeling so grateful they are still holding me up. My ankle is feeling so much better, I am exercising more and more, stairs are no longer an obstacle, just really feeling good. So, looking at my feet, I decided they needed some decoration. Out came the nail polish from the bottom of the bottom drawer in the bathroom vanity. Had to check them out to see if anywhere still in usable condition, and my son helped me pick a shade to match my perky toes and grateful mood. My toes have not seen nail polish in YEARS!
Don't they look cute. OK so my toes look at little crooked in this picture, and my left ankle is visibly larger than the right (that will always be the case as there are extra pieces in my left ankle now) but I think it look terrific. So everybody celebrate your feet, for all their imperfections and loveliness...I am.

1 comment:

Beachbum said...

They are beautiful!

I, as well, celebrate my feel every day. Thanks for sharing your celebration.