Saturday, May 30, 2009


Not that I had gone anywhere but with months of limited mobility, I felt like I had gone somewhere. This past Wednesday we went hiking. My very first hike since I broke my ankle hiking back on Christmas Eve. It was the Tom's Creek Falls Hike, the very same hike where I actually broke my ankle. It was a rainy day, just like Christmas Eve, the rail fence had been repaired. Jackson had taken a couple of rails to build the frame he dragged me out on. We met a couple of people hiking out as we were hiking in, but otherwise it was empty. Very peaceful.

Phillip stayed by my side most of the hike, just in case I needed him for support. And of course my friends were there walking slowly with me. I stopped at the base of the waterfall, many of them continued up the trail a bit, for a different view of the falls. It felt so nice standing in the rain watching the water race down the rocks and on past me down the creek. With all the rain we have had lately the water was fast and loud, screaming my name as it rushed past me "Pam you are here!"

I could feel all my worries rush past me with the water, swept down the creek to the river and eventually out to the ocean. All those thoughts I had that I might never hike again, that my ankle would be permanently damaged. I now KNOW that I will be back hiking. That I CAN hike, that I can do this. Such a beautiful, wonderful, blessed day with just the people I needed to be with. The universe has a way of providing me with just exactly what I need.