Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Grandmother's Tree

This was an interesting surprise. About3 years ago my Aunt sent me this "stick" at least that is what I thought it was. My grandmother had crossed over and my Aunt sent me a slip from a plant that used to belong to my mother, and she also sent this "stick". It is a tree she assured me, but that was about it. I figured it couldn't hurt to plant this "tree", but I had very low expectations of anything happening, really, in truth, it looked dead. I didn't see any green on it, and the root was so tiny, in total this "tree" was about 5 inches tall, wrapped in wet paper towels.

Well every year I report back to my aunt about the growth of this tree, surprisingly it rooted and has grown very well. The Tree stands about 20 feet tall now. Every year she asks me if there have been any flowers. "No", but it is growing great. This year it has flowers, beautiful purple, trumpet like flowers. The first year it has flowered. The flowers come out before any leaves show, so it is just purple all over this tree. And the blossoms have lasted for over a week now.

So I wrote all of this to my aunt, how lovely it was, and that I would take a picture for her. She tells me that this is a tree that my grandmother had given her. Actually my grandmother had given one to all of her children and this one, the one she sent me, her tree, was the only one left alive. None of the others survived the Maine climate. She thought before hers was lost as well, she would send it to me, to see if the North Carolina climate was any more hospitable for the poor tree. And it was....is. So this tree is a gift from my grandmother to my aunt to me. And it is beautiful, treasured and full of life and joy. How amazing, and special.

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