Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from the Beach

OK we are home from FLT, and again I took my camera along for the ride but neglected to get it out of my knitting bag. This photo was taken by a friend. I just loved it, such a nice shot of the water. Ahhhhh

So we spent 4 days with friends that, for the most part, we see only three times a year. These are such special times. I feel like Families Learning Together has really brought me closer to homeschoolers from around the state. And you know we rarely talk about homeschooling. It is more like a family you would choose to have. We have such similar beliefs about education and parenting that there is no need to really talk about those. Like preaching to the choir, so to speak. So we are free to talk about other passions in our life, our children, or hobbies, our work. That makes this weekend a jewel to me. I treasure the time I spend with these friends, and look forward to seeing them again at the next gathering.

This weekend just recharges my batteries, even though I am usually exhausted at the end, and looking at the pile of laundry.

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