Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving Simply

Reading the "daily soul retreat" this morning, I thought I would share, in case there are any of you that do not subscribe to this newsletter. I read it often and sometimes find gems worth sharing. The author is Janet Luhrs, and here is just a snip-it from the entire article, The Soul of Simplicity:

"....Loving simply takes time, and loving simply gives time. The couples who live and love simply have given more priority to their compassionate, open, cooperative, loving souls, than to their outer, commercial layers of success, "We’re not poor," they often say. "We just measure wealth and happiness in a different way—by our level of intimacy, our personal and family growth, and by the fact that we live in harmony,"

Loving simply nourishes our souls—after all, our souls aren’t so concerned with wearing the right watch, driving the right car, going to the right places. That nourishment comes instead from connection, intimacy, and authenticity. When the desire for intimacy and authenticity is stronger than the desire for worldly applause, many changes occur within a relationship: we toss out the focus on power and status, we stop the competition with each other. And when we feel so secure within ourselves that we have no need to control and dominate others, we open ourselves to loving cooperation...."

To read the complete article please visit the daily soul retreat site, you will not be disappointed.

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