Sunday, March 29, 2009


My husband picked flowers for me yesterday. He was out doing some clean up around the pool and pasture, in the rain, and saw some pretty flowers so picked them and brought them in for me. Now my boys bring me picked flowers a lot, and Jackson brings me flowers as well, but usually roses from the florist. This is the first time he has picked me flowers. And they are so beautiful. It was especially nice at this time, since he knows I am nervous about my up-coming surgery, even though it is a day surgery. And I can't get out on my own right now, with the rain and everything being drenched.

To top everything off he put the simple flowers in a glass that was my mothers. It is one of the things I hung onto after she crossed over, she loved wheat patterns and I remember these glasses being in out house forever. Such a special Saturday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving Simply

Reading the "daily soul retreat" this morning, I thought I would share, in case there are any of you that do not subscribe to this newsletter. I read it often and sometimes find gems worth sharing. The author is Janet Luhrs, and here is just a snip-it from the entire article, The Soul of Simplicity:

"....Loving simply takes time, and loving simply gives time. The couples who live and love simply have given more priority to their compassionate, open, cooperative, loving souls, than to their outer, commercial layers of success, "We’re not poor," they often say. "We just measure wealth and happiness in a different way—by our level of intimacy, our personal and family growth, and by the fact that we live in harmony,"

Loving simply nourishes our souls—after all, our souls aren’t so concerned with wearing the right watch, driving the right car, going to the right places. That nourishment comes instead from connection, intimacy, and authenticity. When the desire for intimacy and authenticity is stronger than the desire for worldly applause, many changes occur within a relationship: we toss out the focus on power and status, we stop the competition with each other. And when we feel so secure within ourselves that we have no need to control and dominate others, we open ourselves to loving cooperation...."

To read the complete article please visit the daily soul retreat site, you will not be disappointed.

Monday, March 23, 2009


We had such a wonderful day yesterday. It was Phil's birthday, he celebrates his birthday with his friends in July, so we can have a pool party, but for us...we celebrate on his birthday, March 22. He turned 12 this year. And with it some amazing changes. He is just such a wonderful inspiration, so independent, so full of ideas, just loving life and exploring the universe.

To start the day off Phil wanted his hair cut. It was down to about his waist, and he always, with the exception of about a week, has kept it in a braid. Well he wanted hair that sort of looked like Sawyer's, from Lost. Which is a layered cut, except a little shorter. Sawyer's is just above his shoulders. Phil wanted his shorter than that but still not a "short" cut. So I layered his hair a bit, after cutting off the bulk of it in a pony tail. He LOVES it. Loved it immediately, no "getting used to it" period. He was excited and I loved it for him. I thought I would be sadder to see it go. It is just about the only thing on my boys that remotely looks of their Native American heritage, their long hair. But to see his excitement, I could feel nothing but joy for him.

Phil decided he wanted to go to Salsarita's for lunch, his birthday meal. We each pick our favorite restaurant and go out to eat on our birthday. It was lovely time. Usually crowded on a Sunday afternoon, it was surprisingly empty yesterday. Only three other families in the whole restaurant. Very nice, and we had ice cream from another place for dessert.

When we arrived home we gave Phillip our presents for him, including a new board game called Arkham Horror. We moved a small table from the family room, to the Living Room (hoping it would inspire us to play more board games) and we set up Arkham Horror to play. It is not an easy game to start with, just so many things you have to do in each turn. But after playing it for a couple of hours I think we have the swing of it and are really enjoying the game. It is still set up because at midnight we were all getting tired and decided to leave it and resume play tonight when Jackson gets home.

During the game we took a 10 minute time out for cake. Phil picked the candles, 8 stick candles plus the number 4 candle makes 12 in all, his age today. :-) It is a lemon poppy seed cake, he picked the flavor, and there is icing on 1/2, just as he wanted it. YUM. While eating the cake he lost a loose tooth. He has, I think he said, 4 teeth that are loose and just waiting to come out.

Anyway it was a day filled with family, love and joy. We had a wonderful time celebrating Phil's birthday, and he had so much fun. I am so glad we could all be together today.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Left Leg

OK so my blogging has been a little lax lately. I had an ortho appointment yesterday and while I was sitting on the couch resting my aching leg, I decided to snap a few pictures. The swelling is mostly down, the incisions look pretty good so I thought I would show you all where I am at with my healing.

This picture is the inside incision. The scar is looking nice. I know it looks a little red in the picture but it has faded a lot. In the picture you can see some of the swelling but really it usually is not even that much. I was walking quite a bit yesterday with my appointment and groceries etc.

This is the outside incision on my ankle. It is not quite twice as long as the interior one, but looks a little "uglier", a little bit more red. I did look a the x rays yesterday, something I have not wanted to do so far. I was shocked at how much metal is in my ankle now. But glad the specialty exists, so blessed.

Here are my legs from my perspective, well from the knees down anyway. Beautiful, huh! You can see that my left leg has less muscle tone, but it is coming back now that I can walk on it. It is amazing what 7 weeks of immobility will do.
So that sums up my progress. Only 5 more weeks and I will be done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christmas in March

OK so we did celebrate Christmas in December, yes. But Jackson and the boys were making me a TV stand. Well the TV was a gift from me and the boys to Jackson, as our TV has some serious issues. So Jackson and the boys were going to design and make a TV stand for me. Of course Phil did the designing, he had an idea in his head from the very beginning. The boys would mention the TV stand about once a week, to Jackson. But he didn't really get started working on it with them until a couple of days before Christmas. Then my leg and all, the stand was put on hold. And is just now done. It is so pretty, and unique. I love it. Now we just need to move the current TV and stand and set this one in place.

Too cool, I am truly blessed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it SNOW!!

The boys have so enjoyed the snow today, although the temps were warm enough to melt most of the beautiful white stuff. It started last night so I did get a picture of them at around midnight. You can see the snow falling. This morning the boys went sledding with Jackson. My leg prevents me from enjoying it with them, but I was able to relive the whole experience through their eyes once they came venturing inside to warm up and dry off. The beauty of it all.

I am also trying me best to keep up with daily meditation. Since it is not already part of my daily routine I am having a bit of difficulty with the commitment, but am determined to see it through. I usually manage at least 10 minutes before my youngest wakes to join me on the couch and snuggle. I am also trying to work it into my day, maybe morning will not be my thing. It is a bit harder with the boys up and moving and playing and just being excited about everything. I hear their voices and want to be part of it. LOL. So maybe night time will be my time. We will see. I have decided not to go back to the Tricycle network more than once a week. That is helping as well.