Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Winter Fun

The boys bought these full face masks for playing airsoft. They have been using targets and safety glasses. But the targets were getting a little boring so they decided they wanted to really play. Of course they also covered up any bare skin showing. Well with the exception of Phillip who did not wear gloves, and was hit squarely on the hand. He now has a tiny sore where that little plastic pellet hit. But they had a blast, Dallen, Phillip and Jackson.
The came in chilly, and warmed up by the fire with hot chocolate, telling me all about their adventure.
I love it when Jackson engages the boys like this. They so remember these moments. I know Jackson is busy and also helping me now. But he took out a couple of hours to dedicate to having fun with the boys. And they LOVED it. With plans in the works to have over some friends to play. I told them they looked like the characters from their video game Halo.

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