Sunday, February 8, 2009

Letting off Steam

OK, so I need to let off a little steam. We went to the movies today. Sunday early afternoon is the best time to go to the movies here in the south. I thought about it for quite a while and decided to just use my crutches. At the theater there are spots right out font for people like me, handicapped. So there isn't as much walking, thanks to whoever thought of those precious spots. Anyway, my wheel chair was inside the house and is kind of a hassle to get in the car. So we just left it there.

Got to the movie theater and all the handicapped spots are taken. Well there were only three so that didn't surprise me totally, although I was disappointed and more than a little nervous about walking that far on my one leg and crutches. My right hip gets a little sore with a lot of walking. OK so I can sit once we get inside, that will help. Jackson parked the car down the street and I walk the distance to the theater. We are at the door, only needed to stop once to rest a bit. Get inside and all the seating is taken, OK not a problem, no one is moving, so I can lean on the counter a bit and rest while Jackson gets our tickets.

Phil and I took two tickets and went to the theater while Jackson and Dallen got popcorn and drinks. OK....I can do this, I keep telling myself. We get in the theater and I am tired. The seating that is at the floor level is all just two together and one spot where there are three seats together. So I try getting up the steps but my leg and arms are just too tired I can't do it. Feeling really bad, I am so sick of not being able to do the things I WANT to do, I sit on floor level with Jackson and the boys sit right behind us, as the theater is far from full. Again early afternoon in the south.

Movie is over, now I start thinking about getting back to the car. Not sure I can make it that far. So I get outside and sit on the bench, Jackson goes to get the car and drive up to the front of the theater. Behind us were the people in one of the cars with a handicapped tag. Obviously a family, two adults, and two children...about early teens. And they walk by me sitting there and hop into their car. OK I know, I know, not all disabilities are obvious. It could be some heart of lung condition etc. But they are now sitting in their car smoking. And they sit and they sit and they sit. Just smoking and taking up a PRECIOUS SPOT. Their kids start fighting in the back seat. They still sit there. Maybe their disability is that they have 1/2 a brain or maybe it is that they are crappy parents, or don't seem to care that the children are obviously fighting about something. Jackson parks in the street right behind them, blocking them in and I hobble by the driver's side door on my way to our car.

OK...OK I know that was not called for. And I am trying to change my thinking right now. But if you are one of those that uses a handicapped tag even though you are not disabled, please think about it next time. And if you are the ones that were in that spot and you really are disabled, I apologize. I am really trying to let this go, and not let this ruin a wonderful family day. And I am trying to be grateful for what I have.

OK off to do "the work" now.
Thanks for listening, writing it out helps.

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laura said...

it IS sometimes really hard to not be irritated by this sort of thing. don't be too hard on yourself =)