Monday, February 23, 2009

Day #3 and Sleep

Still sitting, but not peacefully. Today was filled with thoughts about Dallen's and his room redecoration, Phillip and what time he wanted me to wake him up, and I need to make more bread today. OK back to my breath, in and out....Oh yeah and when do we see our friends again, I should vacuum the rugs today. Nope back to my breath...I have to sort out the ATCs for that trade, which ones of mine shall I include....nope not going to think about that....breathe....I should also be thinking about what kind of market bag I am making for the market bag I do recycled is not the time to think about that.... OK I need to get rid of the notion that this is a peaceful meditation. ;-)

So it is still a fitful meditation...OK that was an oxymoron.

But I am going to help Dallen today with his room. We are marking off squares on the walls today for red paint. I will have to post pictures when we are finished. He has a specific look in mind, I hope it turns out all that he has imagined.

Dallen has been, for some time now, wanting to be up when we are all up. His natural schedule is a night owl, staying up until 3 or 4, waking at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. But he is not happy with this. We are not early birds by any means, but the rest of us have seemed to settle in at going to bed around midnight, Jackson sometimes earlier, and waking around 9:00 for me, 10-11 for Phillip. So Dallen wants to be woken up at noon. Last night we had some Chamomile tea before bed, and then I read aloud for about 30 minutes. Dallen wanted to try this, hoping it would help him relax before bed. And it seemed to help, he was asleep by around 1:00. We will see how he feels at noon. See if his body schedule can be changed with ease or if his body will fight the change. He just wants to be awake to spend time with the rest of us. I am happy about that, it would be great to spend more time with him. :-)

Interesting how a child, who has never had any bedtimes, works all of this out in his own mind to fit his life. Really cool that he is so open to any and all possibilities, and doesn't see sleep time as a negative thing. I know I would fight, with my mom, to stay up as late as I could. I had a bedtime, and hated it and would push my time as much as I could, if they were not home, I would fight sleep to have a few more minutes of time, past my bedtime. Did I have something I wanted to do? Or see? or was it just pushing that limit that was arbitrarily set FOR me? Here is my son who is trying to figure out if he can adjust his body to go to sleep EARLIER.

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